Slim Pickin’s

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, which serves to indicate that outside of my knitting adventures, life has been anything but quiet!

I did a big move from Toronto to Kingston. I’m all settled in (for the most part). I’ve also started my summer job (hopefully this will be the last year I need to have a ‘summer job’) teaching sailing. I can’t complain about spending a summer outside in the sun, but it does mean that my knitting time has taken a serious hit!

Here’s a brief visual run down of my latest knitting projects, all started prior to my knitting hiatus.

Cascade Eco + Wool
Less than half a skein of Cascade Eco+, my yarn of choice for my newest project, the Hemlock Ring Blanket

Hemlock Blanket
Hemlock Ring Blanket

Heart to Heart
And these are Wendy Johnson’s Heart to Heart Socks, which I haven’t really made much more progress on.


Ringing in the New Year with Socks

I got a few different sock yarns in my stocking this year, (yippee!!) and I can’t think of a greater gift for a starving student with a knitting habit. I’ve finished one of the basic socks and am halfway through the other.

One down, 1/2 to go

As with all things knitterly though, I came across a few other patterns that I just couldn’t pass up, so I abandoned (just for now) the original socks and am happily knitting away on these On Hold Socks in Socks from the Toe Up.