The (Almost) Perfect Sunday

Early Morning Practice

It’s nice to wake up and have the feeling that today will be a productive day. Thanks to rowing I’m more likely to have more of those days since I’m forced to get up at, lets just say, an early hour. Thankfully today was sunday, which meant a bit of a sleep in before practice which started at 7. Now to get there I have about a half hour bike ride to make sure I’m fully awake before I get out on the water.

So I’m up, got in a decent workout and now I’ve come home to a pot full of simmering chiliĀ and the rest of the day to do as I please. No laundry, no cleaning. I made sure to accomplish these wonderful tasks yesterday. All that’s on the horizon is a hot shower and then nothing but knitting for a while. No need to worry about dinner either. The only thing that could make this day better would be a visit from the wonderful man in my life. But since he’s a full two hours away, it’s going to have to be an almost, perfect sunday.