Grinding to a Halt

Last weekend I went to the Knitter’s Fair in KW and it was awesome, in every sense of the word. There was so much yarn-y goodness it was daunting and a bit overwhelming. At first I didn’t think I’d be able to actually commit to a purchase there were so many options (don’t’ worry, I got over that fear).

I took my advice and made (almost) a complete round of the booths before laying down cash. (Yup, I was good and left the plastic at home. ) I tried spend on  yarns or other items that I don’t normally have access to, or yarns that I’ve been dying to try.

Here’s my yarn haul.

String Theory Caper Sock Yarn
Colour: Labradorite
Yarn: Merino 80% Cashmere 10% Nylon 10% (so soft!!)

Skein Sock Yarn
Colour: Sea Salt
Yarn: Merino 85% Nylon 15%

madelinetosh light
Colour: Opaline
Yarn: merino 100% single ply

Now that I have all these new treats, I have ever more project ideas floating around. And not just patterns that I think would maybe be nice to knit, but patterns that I have everything to cast on right now!

Turnalar Socks which I’ll use Cascade Heritage Silk in Italian Plum and Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce for.

Thanks mom….that purple/green colour combination stuck with me. 

Marin, which to be fair, was already in my queue, but now I have the yarn to do it. Methinks madeline tosh light is just the thing.

However…despite having all these fabulous new yarns to play with and new patterns to try out, I can’t. All knitterly endeavours shall be suspended until I finish this shawl.

It’s my Love on the Edge shawl. I’m hoping to will have it finished for an upcoming event. The shawl is beautiful, the yarn is delightful, but the project in general is starting to become the bane of my existence. Nothing like a firm deadline to take the fun out of knitting.

This bag now goes with me everywhere. I’ve been trying to squeeze in a few rows whenever I get the chance. Thankfully, this is paying off and I’m almost done the body. Almost.

Fingers crossed the border isn’t too slow.


I’ve done it. …

I’ve done it. I’ve broken my unspoken rule to try and only buy yarn for projects I have in mind. But only a little bit. I suppose this makes me a Knitter; that’s knitter with a capital. The crazy dedicated type of knitter. The kind that doesn’t just pick it up on a whim every now and then. I heard the term from the Yarn Harlot and it was always something I sort of aspired to. And now, since I’m buying yarn with no regard for an actual finished project, I may have crossed the threshold.

Partly to blame is the Purple Purl. They had their Inventory Sale, and how could I resist such a feast of fibery treats? All things considering (the $2 and $5 dollar bins specifically), I think I did rather well. I picked up a few fabulous yarns. And really, only one of them has no specific future.


These delicate skeins are destined to become Love on the Edge, a delicate lace shawl that I can’t resist. It’s the heart border that really sweeps me off my feet.


This combo will of course become a pair of stripey socks. I learned of this striped yarn sensation from Crazy Knitting Lady’s post.


And the real culprit that puts me into the Knitter category, 7 skeins of Manos Serena. I have no idea what I’ll be making with this. I just know that I loved knitting with the yarn on my Seaglass Shell (despite the disaster it turned out to be), and many of the patterns I seem to be drawn to are knit in this yarn. I’m sure I’ll come up with something!