A collection of knitterly things that I want to do (relatively soon).

1. Take better pictures of my finished socks, preferably on sock blockers.

2. Double knit a pair of socks i.e. two at a time, one inside the other. It’s a little bit of knitting magic! This Knitty article has a great explanation of the process.

3. Knit My Heaven shawl.

4. Attend a fibre festival. (Check! I’ll be heading to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair this weekend).

5. Spin my own yarn. Now that the weather should be cooling down, I’ll be more inclined to pick up some fibre. Clammy hands don’t lend well to spinning.

6. Try Cat Borhdi’s Sweet Tomato Heel


Number 1

Since I’ve now become a Yarn Club aficionado, I thought I’d share my latest yarn club find. Thanks to the internet and Ravelry, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to picking a yarn club. Some clubs focus on colour, others focus on the pattern; some clubs distribute a variety of yarn weights, while others will only use one, like lace or sock yarn clubs. So far, the most interesting club I’ve come across is the Art Walk Sock Club by Zen Yarn Garden. My art history background may make me a bit biased, but hear me out.

Every month the dyer chooses a work of art and then dyes yarn to capture the colours in the piece. It’s really quite amazing. Some of the yarns are spot on.

Jackson Pollock’s Number 1 was this month’s art work.

Which was interpreted into this yarn:

So far, it’s been turned into this:

I always find it a challenge to match variegated yarn to a pattern, but I this one does a good job of breaking up the colour, and while ensuring the pattern stands out.

Pumpkin and a Little Spice

I’m working on another sock from Knit. Sock. Love.  and it finally strikes me why I really enjoy knitting patterns by Cookie A. The last two pairs of socks that I knit were not of her design. Those socks and I developed a bit of a love hate relationship and as I sit knitting this new pair in a festive pumpkin colour, it strikes me why.

Most socks that I knit have some sort of pattern running across them. I can’t bear the thought of knitting a plain sock these days. Herein lies the problem. Having a patterned fabric, typically, means repetition and I get bored to death doing the same thing over and over. (Rather ironic that I’m so drawn to knitting since it requires doing exactly that, but I digress). The last two socks I knit, while I’m quite pleased with the final product, were really a test of my will. Repeat after same repeat. It took me almost four months to finish one pair because I kept losing interest!

Enter Cookie A. Her patterns keep me hooked right from the beginning. (Well at least after I’ve finished the cuff. It’s pretty difficult to spice that up.) As I’m reading through the third chart for the left sock, (third of eight different charts used for this pair), it becomes crystal clear. Almost every line is different. Not so different that it’s difficult; once you get going its possible to read the rows below to anticipate what you should be doing. But different enough that I don’t want to toss them aside in search of something new. In fact I have a hard time putting them down because I “just want to do one more row” to see how the pattern comes alive in the yarn. That of course leads to several more inches of sock before I finally put them down.

That’s been my knitting eureka moment of the day. Not sure why it’s taken so long for me to figure it out, but at least now I know.

I’m looking for sock patterns with a little bit of spice.

Any suggestions?

A Heart to Heart

Here’s the truth. I’ve fallen out of love with these socks. I’m not sure if it’s the yarn, or the pattern, or the fact that I’ve been working on the since at least May. Whatever the reason, I have to face facts. I’m tired of knitting them. However I’m not a quitter (quiet you projects piled in my trunk) and I will finish these ones.


Only a few more repeats to go. Encouragement is always welcome!


I’ve had a brief break from work which has done wonders for my knitting habit. Not only have I finished binding off my Hemlock Blanket (pictures to follow once I get down and dirty in the blocking process), I’ve also picked up my Heart to Heart socks again.


Here’s hoping I make it to the heel today 🙂

Slim Pickin’s

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, which serves to indicate that outside of my knitting adventures, life has been anything but quiet!

I did a big move from Toronto to Kingston. I’m all settled in (for the most part). I’ve also started my summer job (hopefully this will be the last year I need to have a ‘summer job’) teaching sailing. I can’t complain about spending a summer outside in the sun, but it does mean that my knitting time has taken a serious hit!

Here’s a brief visual run down of my latest knitting projects, all started prior to my knitting hiatus.

Cascade Eco + Wool
Less than half a skein of Cascade Eco+, my yarn of choice for my newest project, the Hemlock Ring Blanket

Hemlock Blanket
Hemlock Ring Blanket

Heart to Heart
And these are Wendy Johnson’s Heart to Heart Socks, which I haven’t really made much more progress on.

Back with Sock Envy

Despite the lack of activity here on my blog, it’s been a busy and hectic few weeks! I packed up my little apartment in Toronto and made the move to Kingston! I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had managed to accumulate over the course of a mere two years. Surprisingly there wasn’t TOO much knitting stuff; Definitely not an impressive stash quite yet, but it’s good to have goals.

First on the agenda once I landed in Kingston was to scope out the nearest yarn shop, (of course). To be fair, I had scoped it out long before the move, but I hadn’t actually ventured in. To my delight Wooly-Tyme is just down the street! Still to be determined if its close proximity will be a good thing or a bad thing ; )

In project news, it’s a mix of progress and procrastination. I’ve started on one sleeve of my Featherweight Cardigan but I’ve stalled out on the Edwardian Boating Socks. I had such high hopes for them, but I don’t know what it is. I just can’t seem to get into these socks.

Boating Socks

With all the slipped stitches in the pattern it takes twice as long it seems, it make good progress. I’ve only just made it to the instep, and it still seems like there’s so much more to go. I can’t even bear to think about the complete second sock to be done!

To combat the project apathy, I, like any good knitter, searched for another project to satisfy my knitting itch. Enter Wendy Knits Heart to Heart Socks. I’ve been knitting lots of socks lately, but no toe up socks and I was starting to really miss it. I love toe-up socks; it’s those first few rows were you create a toe out of nothing but a few wraps of yarn that really fascinates me. Hopefully these will hold my interest until I’m ready to get back to my Edwardian Boating Socks.