Springtime Socks!

Just in time to coincide with the bright green buds on the trees, I’ve finished my Pointelle socks. They were a treat to knit; Enough intricacy to keep me interested, but not so much that it was burdensome.

I only ran into one setback (albeit substantial). I took these with my on my mini holiday over the Easter weekend. I dutifully photocopied all the charts and the pattern so I wouldn’t have to lug around the entire book. Perfect! It’s compact, I have everything I need. I’m set. Almost. I failed to consider the fact that the charts have several areas shaded to indicate what is necessary for the largest size only. I was knitting small. So when it came time to switch to the next chart, I started where I would typically start and off I went.

Enter problems.

After 12 stitches or so it became clear that the diagonals were NOT going to line up. Crap. I wracked my brain for the better part of an hour on the train trying to figure out what I’d done wrong. Nothing. All the rows prior were right, I had the right number of stitches, everything was where it should be, except this new chart. Commence hair pulling!

As I arrived in Kingston it dawned on me that perhaps the chart for my size didn’t start at the beginning. I assumed that the extra stitches would lie at the end, as they did in the previous one. Maybe, just maybe it was the opposite in this chart. Great! Except I can’t verify this because my photocopies don’t show any shading.

I disembarked the train feeling rather defeated. My mood effectively altered (not for the better) with the reality that I have almost a week off and no knitting to do because I can’t figure out the charts.

With all the excitement of the weekend I put my socks out of my mind for a few days. Eventually I couldn’t hold out any longer. So I did what any knitter would do faced with this dilemma. I turned to Ravelry. After much searching I found, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a someone’s photo of their charts, all cut out, glued together and annotated for their size. Size Small.¬†Hallelujah! My suspicions were confirmed. I needed to start chart C a few stitches in!

After all that, I finally have my socks.

All socks look better on

Pointelle Complete!


Out With the Old, In With the New

It’s over. Done. Finally finished! After three long months my Aidez cardigan is all seamed up. It’s even been out and about! Overall I’m quite pleased with it. I only wish that it had pockets!
Aidez Front

Aidez Back

Since I’ve finished up two of the three projects I had on the go I figured it was high time to start something new. I had some variegated green sock yarn that I wanted to use and I also wanted to try a pattern from Cookie A’s Knit.Sock.Love. As a result

The pattern is Pointelle and so far I love it. It definitely demands your attention, but it’s so addicting to knit. Seems to be knitting up quite quickly as well. Stay tuned for updates.