Knitting To-Do List

I’ve been (sort of) productive over the last couple of days. Mostly with school related projects, but knitting as well. I’ve finished up the On-Hold Socks.

I didn’t quite make them as I should have. The foot is about a half-inch too long and next time I will definitely make the cuff a bit longer. I also haven’t perfected binding off loose enough. The second is looser than the first, but still a bit snug. Any suggestions for good BO techniques? All in all I’d say they were a success. Every project is a learning experience, and I learned a lot with these ones.

Now that those are out of the way I’ve set my sights on other projects. Here is the list, in particular order:

1. Find buttons for Baudelaire.

2. Redo ruffle and sew on.

3. Find mitten patterns with stranding to practice colour work (reason why TBA later…exciting!)

4. Find tutorials on stranded knitting.

5. Try and overcome the extreme awkwardness I feel when knitting more than one yarn.

6. Rip back latest project and follow the pattern as directed instead of trying to be fancy and resize it. Some things CAN just be left as is.

7. Show you #6

8. Rip back top-down socks to before toe decrease because my foot is NOT 5″ long.

9. Explain #8.

Not too bad. The list should keep me busy for a while…


Procrastination and Sweaters

Instead of finishing my stats readings or further wracking my brain as to why I can’t formulate a SQL query to produce the results that I’m looking for, I’ve decided to do a blog post. After all, I’m long overdue to write one and it seems a more interesting alternative for both me and you.

I’ve finished one of the On-Hold Socks, for better or for worse. It’s a little too long in the foot and because of my extreme excitement to be almost done my first toe-up sock, a little short in the ankle. These are both things I can live with. I’m of the belief, live and learn. I’m not quite at the point in my knitting where I see it worthwhile (in something this small) to frog the whole thing and start over. I know someone who has bigger feet than me. Now it’s time to start the other and try to live with making the matching mistakes.

While all is well and good on the sock front, I’ve found another pattern that I really, really want to make. The pattern is Aidez from Berroco. It was presented to by in a beautiful FO posted by Knitted Bliss. It looks like a great grab and go sweater, easily worn with pretty much everything. I haven’t done cables for a while, and I think “what a great way to bring some back into my knitting, cables galore!”.

The question now becomes what to knit it with? I’m not really in the market for Peruvia Quick from Berroco. I was thinking perhaps Wool of the Andes Bulky from KnitPicks, or Cascade Ecological but am a little concerned about the weight difference. Will a sub of Bulky for Super Bulky make that much of a difference? Both have been used, the latter more frequently.

Something to ponder.

On Hold No More!

As I mentioned previously, I have been knitting along on Wendy Johnson’s On Hold socks. They’re my first toe-up socks and I love them. That was until I got to the heel. Then things were not so peachy. After much frogging, calling mom for advice and frantically wracking my brain as to what might be the problem I realized my error. The pattern calls for wrap & turn on the heel. Something I thought I had figured out but clearly hadn’t. Much of the problem lay in how I was knitting the wraps and stitches together, but thanks to Laura’s great tutorial at CosmicPluto I got that all sorted out.

And, voila

A successful heel.

Ringing in the New Year with Socks

I got a few different sock yarns in my stocking this year, (yippee!!) and I can’t think of a greater gift for a starving student with a knitting habit. I’ve finished one of the basic socks and am halfway through the other.

One down, 1/2 to go

As with all things knitterly though, I came across a few other patterns that I just couldn’t pass up, so I abandoned (just for now) the original socks and am happily knitting away on these On Hold Socks in Socks from the Toe Up.