Hemlock Blanket

Now that I’ve seen the photos of the Hemlock Blanket on a computer screen (as opposed to my phone), it’s clear that they don’t really do it justice. Here are a few more.


The centre of the blanket


Feather and Fan Motif

Hemlock Blanket


This last photo doesn’t really capture the true colour of the yarn. It’s more heathered than it appears here. The first two images capture its true colour much better.

These photos do the blanket much more justice!



Have you ever wondered what a collection of 136 T pins looks like? I now know. It’s a lot! I’ve finally finished up my Hemlock Blanket and I have to say I’m quite pleased.

First I gave it a good soaking. 20110822-024954.jpg

Then I started to block. I’ve learned that there’s a bit more to the process than just spreading out an object and pinning it down. Let’s just say the blanket is not quite a circle. Minor issues though.


Overall it was a great project and I can see why people often knit more than one. It’s a relatively fast knit, it’s engaging and I love the Eco+ wool.


I’ve had a brief break from work which has done wonders for my knitting habit. Not only have I finished binding off my Hemlock Blanket (pictures to follow once I get down and dirty in the blocking process), I’ve also picked up my Heart to Heart socks again.


Here’s hoping I make it to the heel today 🙂