Thwarted By A Ruffle

I did it. I’ve seamed up the Baudelaire sweater. It was tedious, a little frustrating, but well worth it.Baudelaire with sleeves

And there its is. Now I’d like to say that it’s a FO (finished object); that I could slip it on and head out the door. Unfortunately this is not the case. There’s a little problem in the…back.

Trying to be forward thinking, I made the sweater a little longer. Don’t worry, the back and front pieces are all the same size, it’s nothing that serious.

But the back has a cute little ruffle detail. Sadly I did not take my adjustments into account when I made the ruffle.

Back Ruffle

Therein lies the problem. The ruffle placket is too small for the opening. No big deal. I’ll just make a few more ruffles and sew them in.

For my first sweater ever, I think it’s not too bad, not too bad at all!