Woolly Balls, The Greener Choice

It’s not like I don’t have all kinds of things on my plate right now, I do. All non-knitterly things. Learning the language of databases, updating a citation tutorial, readings etc, etc. It’s just that I keep reading blogs, and looking at all the other wonderful things that people are making. And it makes ME want to make them. All of them. I good conscience I can’t drop everything and just knit. So I’ve got to weed.

The one that really stands out, (and seems somewhat do-able in a short period of time) I stumbled across on another blog. Not only is the project (somewhat) knitting related, but also environmentally friendly. It’s wool dryer balls. Yup, they’re pretty much what they sound like, a ball of wool that replaces the need for dryer sheets.

New Wool Dryer Balls

by Dazed81 on Flickr

With them you’re saving the planet and getting ride of that extra yarn. A win, win in my books! Goodmama has a pretty straightforward explanation on how to make them, but there are many other variations out there.

Now if only I didn’t have to use coin laundry.