Clay & Paper

Continuing on with some things I’ve picked up recently, first is a beautiful set of handcrafted mugs.

My two Clay Things mugs!
I’ve already enjoyed a hot cup of Lady Grey tea in them. They’re just the perfect size and make a nice cup of tea all the more enjoyable.

I’ve also picked up Clara Parkes’ The Knitter’s Book of YarnBook of Yarn
I’ve been reading another of her books The Knitter’s Book of Wool, but I find that this one gives a bit more clarification on many techniques and terms. This is an enjoyable read, not just as a great reference for different types of yarn, but as a straight read as well. It’s filled with anecdotal stories, suggested yarns and patterns to try out all the great new characteristics in the yarns that are introduced throughout the book.


Books & Things

I’ve picked up a few exciting items over the last few days.

The first is by Cookie A. I love this book! The patterns are so intricate, the instructions are very detailed and it’s full of beautiful photos. Each pattern is written, charted and provided with a schematic. Some patterns even include sizing that can be very fine tuned. I can’t wait to cast on. The trouble now is choosing which one! ¬†I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following three. The images link to Cookie A’s website.
Stricken 1
Pointelle 1
Image from Cookie A

Still to come, more paper and clay!

Chelsea Shop

Chelsea Shop

Just around the corner from my building on campus there is the cutest little shop. A good friend of mine and I have over the course of the last year taken to this quaint little place, as we pass by it on the way back from our weekly lunch dates.

The shop is fairly small, just a single floor with a great front window and the rest of the building appears to be housing of some sort. It was in a state of disrepair for the better part of last year. We’d walk by, peer into the windows and wonder who owned such a great place and what reason could they possibly have for not using it. We created a grand vision of what this place would be, should it’s ownership ever fall upon us.

Now seeing as we’re both in a Master’s of Information program, (don’t tell her that yes her degree has some connection to libraries and books because she’s a bit of a rebel), we first concluded, without question, that there would be some sort literature component. Be it antique books, rare books, popular books, or whatever we felt was worthy to be in our little store. There would be window seats in the front, not for displays of books, but to sit in and use. There would be a wonderful assortment of muffins, baked by my wonderful friend. There’d be coffee and tea, which pretty much goes without saying if you know the two of us.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Anyways, daydreaming aside. I walked past the shop again today to see that after my summer out of the city, the place has been tidied up. All the window trim repainted, signage redone and it appears as though it’s available to lease. Now our dreams may become reality, depending on what lucky soul takes the place. I can only hope their¬†assortment of muffins will be as good as we’ve imagined.