Miracles Do Happen

You heard it here. Miracles do happen; knitting miracles at least. My Beaumont tam is complete and despite all my previous worries it blocked out to be the perfect size. I couldn’t be happier.


Sorry to that small child, you won’t be getting an intricate and incredibly soft hat this Christmas.


Mr Beaumont.

Okay, so it’s not a boat. I didn’t unknowingly bid at a silent auction and it wasn’t so far out of my budget that I couldn’t afford it. But like Friends‘ Joey, I have a deep, possibly irrational desire for this hat. I’ve admired it from afar for a while. I’ve fondled (in the loving, not erotic sense) the suggested yarn many a time. It had taken all my will power but I managed to walk away. There comes a time however, when you can’t keep ignoring it. Jared Flood’s Beaumont Tam made with heavenly Fresco yarn would eventually end up in my lap. That day has come.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of touching Fresco yarn, it’s a delightful blend of wool, alpaca, and…wait for it, Angora, to give it an irresistible halo (proof that it really is heavenly).

Here are my colours of choice.
Classic Elite Fresco

Classic Elite Fresco

So far they’re knitting up beautifully together.

Despite the fabulous-ness of the yarn and they beauty of the pattern I have run into several problems:

1. (minor) My printer refuses to print out anything unless it’s straight text. That’s my colouring work above.

2. (possibly significant) I get too excited when it comes time to cast on, thereby causing me to realize that I’ve cast on (and knit 30 rows) with the needles suggested for the beanie version of this hat.

3. (avoidable) I didn’t swatch.

4. (saving grace?) My stranded tension is so incredibly loose (despite being a very tight knitter in all other cases) that I still am a little off on gauge.

5. (impossibly) Even though my tension is very loose, (looser than suggested) I am having doubts that this will fit on my head (and I have a really small head).

Despite these problems I have soldiered on (either bravely or very stupidly) and have almost finished the first chart. I’m hoping that by some strange miracle my too small needles and too loose tension will somehow balance out; combine that  with the miracle of blocking and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to wear this hat.

Otherwise, some child may be receiving the softest, most grown-up looking hat for Christmas.

Now time for your two cents.

Bundle Up

A few weeks back the weather started to change. There was a crispness in the air and a definite chill at night. Perhaps like most knitters, it prompted me to cast on for warmer things; things that will keep me bundled up. Predictably, mother nature is having a hard time deciding whether or not to embrace the fall and has been teasing us with a warm spell.

Despite the fact that its still rather warm I’ve turned out a fabulous pair of Newfoundland Mitts

I don’t have a photo of the finished pair but I assure you they’re both done. The pattern was incredibly simple and fun to knit. Not only that but they knit up very quick. I finished them both off in a matter of days.

While knitting these I tried out Kollage square needles. Surprisingly enough they do live up to their claim of being easier to hold. I liked them, but I’m not sure I’d be ready to abandon the traditional needle just yet. I found them to be a bit slower, especially when purling. Maybe that’s just me.

Not to be deterred by the unseasonably warm weather I cast on a hat too. I was so thrilled with the last pattern I knit by Jared Flood that I couldn’t resist trying another. And I’ve had my eye on the Beaumont Tam for a while.

Here’s a quick peek at my progress so far. Depending on how it goes the next post will either be a celebration of how a small miracle took place on my knitting needles, or a shameful admission that I really do know better and should have seen this coming.

Stay tuned!