Knitting To-Do List

I’ve been (sort of) productive over the last couple of days. Mostly with school related projects, but knitting as well. I’ve finished up the On-Hold Socks.

I didn’t quite make them as I should have. The foot is about a half-inch too long and next time I will definitely make the cuff a bit longer. I also haven’t perfected binding off loose enough. The second is looser than the first, but still a bit snug. Any suggestions for good BO techniques? All in all I’d say they were a success. Every project is a learning experience, and I learned a lot with these ones.

Now that those are out of the way I’ve set my sights on other projects. Here is the list, in particular order:

1. Find buttons for Baudelaire.

2. Redo ruffle and sew on.

3. Find mitten patterns with stranding to practice colour work (reason why TBA later…exciting!)

4. Find tutorials on stranded knitting.

5. Try and overcome the extreme awkwardness I feel when knitting more than one yarn.

6. Rip back latest project and follow the pattern as directed instead of trying to be fancy and resize it. Some things CAN just be left as is.

7. Show you #6

8. Rip back top-down socks to before toe decrease because my foot is NOT 5″ long.

9. Explain #8.

Not too bad. The list should keep me busy for a while…


Thwarted By A Ruffle

I did it. I’ve seamed up the Baudelaire sweater. It was tedious, a little frustrating, but well worth it.Baudelaire with sleeves

And there its is. Now I’d like to say that it’s a FO (finished object); that I could slip it on and head out the door. Unfortunately this is not the case. There’s a little problem in the…back.

Trying to be forward thinking, I made the sweater a little longer. Don’t worry, the back and front pieces are all the same size, it’s nothing that serious.

But the back has a cute little ruffle detail. Sadly I did not take my adjustments into account when I made the ruffle.

Back Ruffle

Therein lies the problem. The ruffle placket is too small for the opening. No big deal. I’ll just make a few more ruffles and sew them in.

For my first sweater ever, I think it’s not too bad, not too bad at all!

Baudelaire Deserves to Be Finished

Following the advice of a classmate and fellow knitter, I decided to man up and finally finish the project I started way back in October. The Baudelaire sweater. Of course I got this inspiration at ten pm on a week night. Typical. Needless to say I didn’t finish it all, but I did get the collar made and the front and neck ruffles added.

Ruffles added

A note on the ruffles. Bearing in mind that I tackled this far too late after a long day, my attention to detail was less than stellar at this point. After sewing both ruffles on I realized that I had sewed the collar ruffle on backwards, WS out in RS facing in. Crap.

The wrong side of the ruffle pattern

What should be facing out, not in

Making sure I at least got one right I checked the front ruffle. Nope. Got that one wrong too. At least I’m consistent. At that point I couldn’t be bothered to fix it, and to be quite honest I just might leave it.

I never fail to come away with a lesson whenever I knit. Todays, pay attention to the details!


Okay, the sweater is not sleeveless, and I do have one done. (Mostly) But I’m dragging my feet getting the second one going. I’ve gotten about 2″ in and every time I pick it up to make some more progress I end up getting distracted or find something else to occupy myself. I’m not sure what has gotten into me. Perhaps it’s the boringness of the sleeve? Straight stockinette has me, quite frankly, a little bored. The cuff has a garter stitch band that is picked up and sewed on later. (I haven’t started it for several reasons, first I don’t have the right circular needles to start, and second, the instructions are vague and rather confusing, so I’m hoping they’ll make sense once I get going….hoping).

Quick Sweater Update

This is just a quick update on the Baudelaire sweater progress. I just finished the right front and I’m happy to say that it’s as identical to the left as I could possibly get it. I’m very pleased. As I was binding off the last stitches at the neck I was dreading laying them against to each other to see how they measured up.

This is how I imagined it: armholes of differing lengths starting at noticeably different positions along the side; a neck that started at a flattering collarbone length and one that starts at uncomfortable chin height.

But, to my surprise, it all lines up. It seems to me that if you have marginally good measuring skills and a little trust in the pattern and your ability to follow it everything will work out as it should. (I’m sure I’ll end up eating these words at a future date, on a different project, but for now I’ll continue to naively believe.)


Garter Band on Left Front

What would the equivalent term to writer’s block be for knitting do you think? (Perhaps there is such a term and I just am unaware?). The right front of this sweater is not going as smoothly as the first. First off I couldn’t get the gauge right. It was considerably tighter than recommended (and the other front), so I had to keep swatching until FINALLY I made gauge, which is not something I’m overly keen on having to do mid project. Though I realize it’s a necessary evil and will pay off in the long run.

So now that I’m up and running I’m still not really in a good ‘flow’. The problem is purely my fault as I just don’t seem to be paying attention as closely as I should. The number of times I’ve had to rip it back because I’ve knit well over the necessary rows before the next inc/dec is quite high. In fact I’ve done it again and haven’t picked it up since (okay, it’s only been a few hours, but still).

It’s time for me to focus and get the job done! I really really can’t wait until I can start sewing it up.

Finished the Left Front

I just finished the left front piece of the sweater. I was a little nervous that it would in no way match up with the back, but to my pleasant surprise it’s looking great so far.

This is my first time knitting anything larger than a hat and it has some serious shaping in it, requiring measuring (something new to me in knitting also). It’s a different style of knitting for me, as I’m used to counting rows and following a pretty rigid pattern. If find this way is much easier to put down and come back to, so long as I have a measuring tape around. I can’t wait to get started on the other front piece.