Advent Scarf Day 21

When I first looked at the pattern I didn’t really think I was going to like it. It’s a combination of garter stitch and a YO/dec panel that was similar to many that we have knit before. However, once I started knitting it I found that I really liked it. And to make it even better, it’s short!

Photos will have to wait for a day that isn’t so dreary.

Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover.


Advent Scarf Day 20

There seems to be a trend of the days getting shorter, which is making this process easier as we come to the end.

I found today’s pattern similar to Day 10 with the same triangle/diamond motif is there. I guess there’s bound to be some overlap knitting 24 different patterns!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.

Advent Scarf Day 19

Sometimes I have to just stop and think, “holy crap” I’m actually keeping up with the scarf! It’s a pretty daunting task when you think about it as each day takes about 3 hours.

To get this scarf done I find that I have to just keep going. I’m afraid that if I miss one day it will quickly become a slippery slope and I’ll fall farther and farther behind. Each day I start as soon as it’s posted (unless I have something I have to take care of) and I knit until it’s done, much (I’m sure) to the displeasure of M. If I didn’t, I think that I would easily start late, or not at all, telling myself that I’d get to it tomorrow. One thing would lead to another and I’d be left with no scarf come Christmas!. So although it really has taken over my life, or at least my evenings, it’s the only way I can guarantee that I’ll get through.

Day 19 turned out a little dreary looking, a reflection of the dreary “Green Christmas” weather we’ve been having.

Only a five days left! What are you going to do with your evenings after this is over?

Advent Scarf Day 18

Another day down. I didn’t really “get” today’s pattern. I can’t seem to pick out the pattern. It looks like a bit of a jumbled mess to me. However, considering the number of patterns that I really love, having only one or two that I’m not crazy about is pretty good.

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.

Advent Scarf Day 17

I think we have a winner! Or at least a new favourite.

Today’s stitch is a version of an Estonian Star stitch. Once I understood the instructions for the stitch it was quite simple. It basically makes 5 stitches out of one, but instead of making those five out of just one stitch, you knit five stitches together to make that one. It sounds rather complicated, but I assure you once you have the knitting in your hand it’s not that bad.

Posting photos everyday has made it quite evident to me that I really don’t have any photography skills. The photos are never quite as crisp as I hope. I usually wait until I have some decent sunlight and take the photo by the window to avoid the flash. But even that is starting to do weird things with my knitting, as if it looks almost like plastic.

This photo was done with my usual point and shoot camera and I just wasn’t pleased with the result. The colours look more saturated and there is a weird sheen to it. So I took today’s “official” photo with a fancier camera that I forgot we had. I think it’s a bit better. The colour is at least more true.

Sadly, there is just not enough time for me to devote to another hobby. My mediocre photos will have to suffice for now!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.


Advent Scarf Day 16

Yesterday was the perfect Christmas-time day. I spent the day helping with the Christmas  Baking, which really was an all-day affair.

Set against the backdrop of Christmas music and a tree by the fire we managed to make about 9 different Christmas treats including shortbread, Nanaimo bars, caramel slice and triple layer bars. The only thing that was missing was a light dusting of big fat snowflakes, instead we were “comforted” with the sound of howling winds and driving rain.

So while I was caught up in the mouth-watering adventures of the day I didn’t have time to work on my Advent Scarf. (Okay, I’ll admit I snuck away for a moment to check out the day’s pattern.) But being the planner that I was, I  packed all the necessary knitting notions to do my daily installment while I was away. (Yes, I too wish that nice fireplace and waterside view was from my own living room, but it’s not). I had my yarn, phone (for the pattern), crochet hook (for the beads) and a travel pack of my beads.

With the baking done (or at least having got the better of us for the day), I had some time to sit down with my knitting. (Yup, in front of the fire. It was awesome). Out came the beads, only for me to discover that the “mixed bag” of beads that I brought, (same colours, just a cheaper version than the ones I had at home), didn’t quite look as nice and round as the others. Nor were the holes a uniform size. In fact, despite being 6/0 size beads, I couldn’t get my crochet hook through them. It had worked with my beads at home of the same size, but of course since I’m away, the knitting gods just had to throw me a loop.

Had I been at home I simply would have walked into the bathroom and grabbed my “Superfloss” and been done with it. (I actually use that kind. I think it was a first for me actually having something required on hand). However, I wasn’t. At first I just thought I’d leave my knitting for the next day. No big deal. But I couldn’t still my restless hands. So being the industrious knitter that I am, I found some regular floss with the hopes that I could make something work.

With a dextrous combination of floss, crochet hook, a few choice words and a bit of patience I got all the beads on. I don’t recommend this approach, but I have to say today’s pattern turned out great!

I love reading the forums on Ravelry for this KAL. You just never know what people are thinking when they knit the patterns up. One knitter thought it looked a little like flowers, another thought owls, and hearts. Me? I think they’re clearly little fuzzy caterpillars!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.

Advent Scarf Day 14

Another day down.

I was out and about last night when the pattern was posted and didn’t get around to checking it until about 3 hours after it was posted (a first for me I think), so there was already lots of chatter on the forums about today’s pattern. After having read a few posts I was starting to get cold feet about it. Apparently the wrong side rows were fussy. I started to think, “maybe I should avoid today”, but then I saw this photo by Womosocks on in the forums and I had to knit it!

Once I started knitting it was quickly apparent that my hesitation was unfounded. The wrong side rows were not tricky at all. It was a basic, knit the knits and purl the purls, except for the yarn overs in the 3 from 1 stitch which were knit. (As clearly laid out in the written pattern, thanks Kristin). Just another lesson in not blindly believing what other people have to say about something. I think it also speaks to why many people are put off by lace, or knitting in general. They have a preconceived notion that it’s difficult and avoid trying it for themselves. I’ve found that in most cases, if you approach any project with an open mind, read carefully (I can’t stress that one enough!) and go slowly, you can pretty much accomplish any knitting project. Sure it might take you a few tries, but you’ll get there.

Anyway, here is the pattern for Day 14

Every day there is some detail about that pattern that really captures me. Today’s pattern has really strong vertical elements with the faux cables and the lace.

The pattern doesn’t travel sideways at all and I like it. As the days go on I like this scarf more and more.

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.