Welcome to My DarlingKnits, where you’ll be regaled with accounts of my personal knitting journey. I started this blog as a relatively new knitter, thinking there would be much confusion, frustration and as well as elation to share throughout the process, and I was right. Time has progressed and I’ve learned many tips and techniques. I no longer call myself a “new knitter” but the confusion, occasional frustration and elation is still here.

I’ve finished up my Masters of Information degree and am currently a research librarian.

I hope you enjoy, and Happy Knitting!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the knitting blogger world! Join me this Thursday, Jan 20th via the web – I will be attempting a Knitting Marathon to finish up some of my WiPs. Like a lot of knitters I always have WAY too many unfinished projects, so it’s hopefully a way to move them to finished status.

    Good Luck with your job hunt and your sweater!


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