New Year: Be Happy

Oh my, I have neglected this blog like nobodies business. I suppose I could trot out the usual excuses: it’s been a busy fall; I’ve been working through changes on the home front, etc., etc. However, that would belie the fact that I just haven’t felt the urge to share.

Happily, I’ve made it through the holidays and it’s a fresh new year. A year that I’m pledging to make a good one. I’m not normally a New Year’s Resolution type. I never keep them, and know almost no one who actually does – except for my sister, who shocked me in December when I found out she was still keeping hers. I find it so impressive I actually tell other people she’s managed to do this when others mention no one ever keeps resolutions. I think she’s the first person I know who’s kept a specific resolution all year. Good for you!! – For me, this year is going to be a different story. I’ve made a seemingly simple, and oft admonished, vague resolution: this year, I’m going to try to do anything and everything (within bounds of reason and social acceptance) that makes me happy. This is the year I don’t worry about what others think, that I don’t put things off, that I grab the bull by the horns and do those things that I’ve always wanted to do because they’ll bring a smile to my face. It’s still early days, but so far so good.

These are a few of the things that I’m doing so far that tickle me pink:

1. Riding Lessons at the Riding Academy

I suppose it’s a cliche, but I have always wanted to ride. I’ve even gone so far as to work at a horse stable, but not actually ride. That’s right, I voluntarily chose a job where I picked up horse crap just so I could be near them. Now that I can actually afford the sport, I’ve signed up for adult intro lessons and am loving it! So far it’s covered much of what I had already picked up (in between shovelfuls), but it’s always good to confirm you’re on the right track. And since it’s only week one, there I’m guaranteed to learn much more.

2. Getting Fit for Me

Since last May I’ve been regularly attending Body Buster Fitness -a bootcamp fitness class that’s just awesome – 3x week, and I’ve really started to notice a change. Early on the benefits were apparent: I had more energy. I was considerably less grumpy, and I could sleep like a baby. But now, my hard work seems to be paying off visually: I feel stronger, slimmer, and dare I say, I see a tiny bit of a tricep poking through. I can safely say I’m at the point in my fitness where I want to continue living a healthy lifestyle because it makes me a happier person, not because I want to change how I look. I find making healthier choices  (for the most part) and I’m reaping the benefits. That’s an important moment in a lifestyle change, and I hope to keep doing it.

3. Barreworks

Going along with my desire to stay fit, I’m going to shake up my regular workouts, just for a bit of variety. Enter Barreworks: a spin on the total body workout, BarreWorks incorporates the ballet bar. I have my first class tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

Aside from these kind of big commitments to being happy, I’m going to try to find happiness in the little things. I’ll be tweeting my simple pleasures with #behappy hashtag. Follow along or share your own happy moments. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Make it a happy one.


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