I’ve done it. …

I’ve done it. I’ve broken my unspoken rule to try and only buy yarn for projects I have in mind. But only a little bit. I suppose this makes me a Knitter; that’s knitter with a capital. The crazy dedicated type of knitter. The kind that doesn’t just pick it up on a whim every now and then. I heard the term from the Yarn Harlot and it was always something I sort of aspired to. And now, since I’m buying yarn with no regard for an actual finished project, I may have crossed the threshold.

Partly to blame is the Purple Purl. They had their Inventory Sale, and how could I resist such a feast of fibery treats? All things considering (the $2 and $5 dollar bins specifically), I think I did rather well. I picked up a few fabulous yarns. And really, only one of them has no specific future.


These delicate skeins are destined to become Love on the Edge, a delicate lace shawl that I can’t resist. It’s the heart border that really sweeps me off my feet.


This combo will of course become a pair of stripey socks. I learned of this striped yarn sensation from Crazy Knitting Lady’s post.


And the real culprit that puts me into the Knitter category, 7 skeins of Manos Serena. I have no idea what I’ll be making with this. I just know that I loved knitting with the yarn on my Seaglass Shell (despite the disaster it turned out to be), and many of the patterns I seem to be drawn to are knit in this yarn. I’m sure I’ll come up with something!


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