Commuting in Style

Since starting the commute to work, I noticed that my purse had very little real-estate for knitting projects once I’d packed in my wallet, phone and a mini-umbrella (because you just never know). As a result, I rarely took any subway knitting. There just wasn’t room. That was fun for a while, but I soon found myself wanting something to occupy my hands during my commute. Knitting-bag hunting soon commenced.

I’ve had my eye on Jordana Paige‘s L.J.Kaelms bag for a while now. It’s the perfect combination of style and functionality; there’s room for your work/day-to-day items, and -most importantly- room for your knitting projects. Despite thinking it to be the perfect fit, I hesitated ordering it online for a few reasons.

1) Colour. The two colours offered, red and green, didn’t really excite me. They’re not exactly a ‘neutral’ that will go with anything. Not only that,  images online showed the colours slightly differently; different enough that I wasn’t exactly sure of their shade. I was leaning toward the red, but perhaps not if it was too bright.

2) Size. While the website does a fairly good job of showing the bag’s scale, it’s just not the same as slinging it over your own shoulder to see if the fit is right.

I himmed and hawwed, fairly certain this was what I needed wanted, but I just couldn’t commit. (Exorbitant shipping costs put the brakes on my impulse purchase pretty fast).

To my delight, one of the LYS carried the bags. However, they had just placed an order and wouldn’t be in for a few weeks.  After much anticipation, the bags finally arrived today. I scooted over after work to check them out. (By this time I had pretty much made up my mind that my next knitting project would be travelling with me in a shiny new red bag).

The bag is exactly what I hoped for. The colour is more muted than the website images, and – possibly the best part- it’s extremely light! The downside of having a large tote is it quickly gets heavy from all the stuff you can load in there. I’m hoping that by at least starting off very light, it won’t get heavy quite as fast (I said hoping…).

The bag is divided into two sections divided by a zippered pocket in the middle and is  tall enough to fit a magazine or pattern.  One section has two pouches on the side for holding a ball of yarn, complete with eyelets about them to keep the yarn in place while you’re knitting. There are also pockets for DPNs and a removable little pouch.

The other section is all business; there is are card holders, a zippered pocket and a handy snap for holding your keys. (We’ve all searched frantically at the bottom of our purses for our keys; it’s usually raining out when this takes place).  Of course, you could always use this side for more knitting!

As for the middle section, I can’t speak from experience, but I hear it fits an iPad quite nicely.



2 thoughts on “Commuting in Style

  1. So glad to hear this bag is so wonderful! Can’t wait till mine comes in. I am getting the green one (my favorite color so that’s how I decided between the 2 color choices) even though I was going to just buy basic black if they had it. After reading your blog, I know I did the right thing buying this bag 🙂

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