4th Annual Soper Creek Yarn Challenge

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, but for good reason. I’ve moved and started a new job which has left hardly any time for knitting. There has t been anything new on my needles, except for this:


Enter the Soper Creek Yarn Challenge. In brief, you purchase a kit and then make something using the yarn provided. All entries are then displayed in the store’s window where the public can vote on them.

This is the selection for this year.

The yarn is Berroco Weekend, a cotton/acrylic mix.

I found this to be quite the challenge in pretty much every respect. I’m not really a fan of the colours (thank goodness for the red!) and I am more of a wool kinda knitter; I was less than impressed with the cotton/blend purely out of taste. It did knit up quite nicely.

However, it’s good to try new things and I’m quite pleased with the results.


I decided to pick something baby related given the small amount of wool and the baby friendly yarn.

Who wouldn’t want a baby hat and booties made with love?
If you’re in the Bowmanville area, head over to Soper Creek to check out all the entries. Contest closes March 31st.


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