This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Knitting

After almost a year pining after this pattern I’ve finally cast on the Purl Bee’s Herringbone Cowl. So far, I love it! There’s not a regular knit stitch to be seen in this one, and best of all, the pattern is available for free! PurlBee’s website gives a really detailed visual explanation of how to do this intricate, yet simple, pattern.

I hadn’t really been waiting for anything in particular before I cast on, I just didn’t have the right yarn, and I always seemed to have another project on the go (aside from a standing pair of socks on the needles of course).

Then the fates aligned and I suddenly had the perfect yarn gifted to me for Christmas. Not quite enough for a sweater, but much more than necessary for a hat or other small accessory. It’s Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. It’s a great blend of cream, purples and greens. Did I mention this single spun yarn is also the softest blend of merino and silk?

Not only did I have the perfect yarn for this pattern, I also had nothing significant on my needles (save a CookieA sock pattern). With a big move and a new job coming up, I needed something new, but portable and not too taxing. The Herringbone is perfect. A little more than straight knitting, but still repetitive enough that I don’t need to keep a pattern handy now that I’m off and running.

I think the pattern does a great job of showing off the variegation in this yarn. I’m not usually drawn to them, but this one really looks great.

My one complaint is about the skeins of yarn. Today I started off all gung-ho about winding some cakes to get started. That’s where my excitement ended. The skein was tied in some strange way so that even after the 30 min (seriously) it took me to untangle it, I still am not sure what was going on. Not to mention that there was a knot in the skein. A knot that I mistook as a second tie, so I undid it. Leaving me with four ends, but only three that I could find for most of my de-tangling ordeal, and a very frustrating time sorting it all out.

I’m hoping this was just a fluke and the other skeins are not full of knots. However, once I started knitting with the yarn all my frustrations were forgotten. It’s just too soft and springy to hold a grudge against.


2 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Knitting

  1. We’re so glad you’re loving our yarn and can’t wait to see your finished project! If you’re new to Manos yarns, we’d like to confirm your suspicion that knots such as the one you’ve encountered are a rarity, rather than a normal occurrence. We do have a standard way of tying skeins that might take some getting used to for those who haven’t worked with our yarns before; we’re in the process of filming a tutorial video demonstrating how to easily wind your hanks into cakes and (hopefully) avoid issues such as the one you experienced.
    Thank you for your feedback – happy knitting!

    • Wow! I’m a little starstruck from your response! I’m happy to report that I haven’t found any knots in other skeins and the untying process went a little smoother and faster as I tried new skeins. I would Love to see a video detailing how do it properly!

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