FO: Dahlia Cardigan

I’m proud to say that I have finished up my Dahlia Cardigan. Despite a rocky start, in which I had to redo the back lace panel 3 times, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I substituted the yarn. It called for a cotton blend in Manos Serena, but I used Mirasol Nuna, which is a blend of wool, bamboo and silk. The result is a fabric that’s soft, has a great sheen and has lots of drape.

Here’s the lace panel being blocked. You can get a sense of the sheen in the yarn. (Some of it is due to the flash). It’s also probably the truest colour representation. It’s a bluish-purple.

This is it all blocked out. Just waiting for it to dry so I can seam and wear it!

And of course, the focal point of the cardigan, the lace back.

This sweater has a very different construction. You begin with the back panel, then pick up along the side edges and start knitting out to make the fronts. The sleeves are afterthought sleeves, made as you would make an afterthought heel. To do so, you knit with waste yarn as wide as you want the opening and then once the project is done, you remove the waste yarn, picking up the stitches on either side and start knitting in the round. It’s a great way to keep the drape and flow of the pattern and still be able to have a sleeve. However, there are pros and cons to everything. It lacks the structure a standard sleeve has at the shoulder. I find it sits a little weird when I wear it, but that could be because I didn’t place them exactly where I’d like. I think I would have made them a bit longer, or higher had I known what I know now.

Even so, I’m still very pleased with the end result. I’ve had to pace myself and not wear it everyday!

You can find the pattern on Ravelry.


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