Advent Scarf Day 17

I think we have a winner! Or at least a new favourite.

Today’s stitch is a version of an Estonian Star stitch. Once I understood the instructions for the stitch it was quite simple. It basically makes 5 stitches out of one, but instead of making those five out of just one stitch, you knit five stitches together to make that one. It sounds rather complicated, but I assure you once you have the knitting in your hand it’s not that bad.

Posting photos everyday has made it quite evident to me that I really don’t have any photography skills. The photos are never quite as crisp as I hope. I usually wait until I have some decent sunlight and take the photo by the window to avoid the flash. But even that is starting to do weird things with my knitting, as if it looks almost like plastic.

This photo was done with my usual point and shoot camera and I just wasn’t pleased with the result. The colours look more saturated and there is a weird sheen to it. So I took today’s “official” photo with a fancier camera that I forgot we had. I think it’s a bit better. The colour is at least more true.

Sadly, there is just not enough time for me to devote to another hobby. My mediocre photos will have to suffice for now!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.



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