Advent Scarf Day 16

Yesterday was the perfect Christmas-time day. I spent the day helping with the Christmas  Baking, which really was an all-day affair.

Set against the backdrop of Christmas music and a tree by the fire we managed to make about 9 different Christmas treats including shortbread, Nanaimo bars, caramel slice and triple layer bars. The only thing that was missing was a light dusting of big fat snowflakes, instead we were “comforted” with the sound of howling winds and driving rain.

So while I was caught up in the mouth-watering adventures of the day I didn’t have time to work on my Advent Scarf. (Okay, I’ll admit I snuck away for a moment to check out the day’s pattern.) But being the planner that I was, I  packed all the necessary knitting notions to do my daily installment while I was away. (Yes, I too wish that nice fireplace and waterside view was from my own living room, but it’s not). I had my yarn, phone (for the pattern), crochet hook (for the beads) and a travel pack of my beads.

With the baking done (or at least having got the better of us for the day), I had some time to sit down with my knitting. (Yup, in front of the fire. It was awesome). Out came the beads, only for me to discover that the “mixed bag” of beads that I brought, (same colours, just a cheaper version than the ones I had at home), didn’t quite look as nice and round as the others. Nor were the holes a uniform size. In fact, despite being 6/0 size beads, I couldn’t get my crochet hook through them. It had worked with my beads at home of the same size, but of course since I’m away, the knitting gods just had to throw me a loop.

Had I been at home I simply would have walked into the bathroom and grabbed my “Superfloss” and been done with it. (I actually use that kind. I think it was a first for me actually having something required on hand). However, I wasn’t. At first I just thought I’d leave my knitting for the next day. No big deal. But I couldn’t still my restless hands. So being the industrious knitter that I am, I found some regular floss with the hopes that I could make something work.

With a dextrous combination of floss, crochet hook, a few choice words and a bit of patience I got all the beads on. I don’t recommend this approach, but I have to say today’s pattern turned out great!

I love reading the forums on Ravelry for this KAL. You just never know what people are thinking when they knit the patterns up. One knitter thought it looked a little like flowers, another thought owls, and hearts. Me? I think they’re clearly little fuzzy caterpillars!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.


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