Advent Scarf Day 14

Another day down.

I was out and about last night when the pattern was posted and didn’t get around to checking it until about 3 hours after it was posted (a first for me I think), so there was already lots of chatter on the forums about today’s pattern. After having read a few posts I was starting to get cold feet about it. Apparently the wrong side rows were fussy. I started to think, “maybe I should avoid today”, but then I saw this photo by Womosocks on in the forums and I had to knit it!

Once I started knitting it was quickly apparent that my hesitation was unfounded. The wrong side rows were not tricky at all. It was a basic, knit the knits and purl the purls, except for the yarn overs in the 3 from 1 stitch which were knit. (As clearly laid out in the written pattern, thanks Kristin). Just another lesson in not blindly believing what other people have to say about something. I think it also speaks to why many people are put off by lace, or knitting in general. They have a preconceived notion that it’s difficult and avoid trying it for themselves. I’ve found that in most cases, if you approach any project with an open mind, read carefully (I can’t stress that one enough!) and go slowly, you can pretty much accomplish any knitting project. Sure it might take you a few tries, but you’ll get there.

Anyway, here is the pattern for Day 14

Every day there is some detail about that pattern that really captures me. Today’s pattern has really strong vertical elements with the faux cables and the lace.

The pattern doesn’t travel sideways at all and I like it. As the days go on I like this scarf more and more.

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.


2 thoughts on “Advent Scarf Day 14

  1. Yes DO READ CAREFULLY!!! Point taken!

    I am loving this KAL too~ It’s like taking a night class in lace knitting, with life lines: call a friend, ask the audience, check the errata page….. (my favorite is “phone a friend”)

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