Advent Scarf Day 13

The saying is “lucky 13” right? Well today definitely upheld that belief for me. I was an easy (albeit slow) knit and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

This is the kind of pattern I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t really know exactly what I’d been hoping for until I knit it. There are several things that intrigue me about this pattern:

  •  The lattice-like lace
  •  The tiny cables
  •  The alternating repeats

It’s the last point that really sends this one over the top for me. Several of the previous days patterns seemed to leave me wanting more in terms of repeats. Now, I fully understand why they aren’t any longer. This scarf needs to be kept reasonable and frankly, no matter how much I love the pattern, by the end of the repeat I’m glad to have something new to look forward to. However, for me many of the patterns didn’t quite have the alternating repetition that I had been secretly hoping for, until today.

It’s getting really difficult to decide which is my favourite pattern with so many great ones to choose from, but this definitely ranks in the top 5!

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here.
A new pattern is uploaded every day.


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