Advent Scarf Day 8

This was officially my least favourite day so far. Not the finished product, no I think the pattern is quite neat, a tidy little cable. It’s really quite nice. What I didn’t like was how I seemed to have checked my brain out from the first stitch. Before the day’s pattern even began placing the beads. I got half-way through only to realize that they were on a wrong side and a row too early.  Tink back. (That’s k.n.i.t. backwards, aka, take out every stitch one at a time, for those not up on the language of knitting. I just learned the meaning of that one).

Begin the pattern of the day. Get 5 stitches to the end of the row and be puzzled why there is 5 when there should only be 4. Comb through the row to see where the mistake is. Found it! The second stitch. You’ve got to be kidding me!! Tink back again.

Begin row 17. Get three repeats in and realize you’ve been so excited about making some real progress that you’ve forgotten all the yarn overs. Don’t panic, you’ll just pick them up on the wrong side row, easy-peasy. Get to the last repeat on the row and realize you did all the decreases slanting the wrong way. It’s throwing off the look of the lace-y bits. Tink back. I’m getting really good.

After what seemed like an eternity, despite the fact that other KAL-ers were happy about how quick today’s knit was, I FINALLY finished. Thank goodness the pattern is a real eye catcher or I probably wouldn’t feel so good about it.

Wonder what fun is in store today!?

As always, if you’re interested in following along, the pattern is here. A new pattern uploaded every day.


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