Adventing KAL

I really did mean to write this after the first day of the Advent Calendar Scarf but I just got caught up in the fun of it that it slipped my mind.

Here’s a quick recap. Every day, starting on the 1st of December a pattern is posted (and for free!) here. So every day at around 5pm I check the website for the days pattern. Then I frantically start knitting on my scarf so that I don’t fall behind and can be ready for the next day’s installment.

That’s my Day 1

Days 2-4

As you can see, each day has a distinctly different pattern, each separated by a row of beads. The end result is a very long scarf with 24 different stitch patterns.

Ideally, to showcase the details of this scarf you’d use a solid colour yarn, but I was trying to use up some yarn I already had. And this yarn is like holding a cloud in your hand. I just couldn’t pass it up.



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