Moving On

You heard right, I’m finally moving on with my Dahlia Cardigan. Truthfully I moved on a week or so ago, I just haven’t shared yet.

Mt Everest from Gokyo Ri

photo by Andrew Purdam 2006

This cardigan has been my Everest.

I spent time prepping for the ascent. I made sure I had the right tools;ensured everything was working as it should; I checked, revised and rechecked before I set off to make sure that it went of without a hitch. I truly had the best of intentions, but much like climbing Everest (I’m assuming here), there are somethings you just can’t predict. This project has been riddled with setbacks: size issues, yarn vomit, exhaustion and straight up frustration. Despite the seeming impossibility of the task,  I carried on with the pattern as my sherpa,  all the while confident that if others have had success with her, I could too.

My persistence has paid off and I’m finally on the move! I’ve finished the back, the right front and I’m about 1/3 of the way through the left front.


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