Dallying on Dahlia

I’d like to be writing this post to say that I’ve made some serious progress on my Dahlia cardigan; that it’s nearly done and I just have a  few more rows on a sleeve. Sadly that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I approached this pattern with more patience and preparedness than I have ever started a project with. I knit not one, not two, but THREE swatches. I even washed and blocked them to make sure I was getting the suggested gauge. I wanted this sweater to come out just right so I wasn’t taking any chances. With gauge spot on I dove into the back lace panel.

Here’s the panel about a third of the way through the second chart. It’s looking great. I happily knit along, bound off the required edges and laid it out. Unblocked it was a whopping two inches larger than the blocked panel should be. I was not impressed. Sore from the major error I let it sit. Hoping that either I misjudged its size or that it would somehow shrink down if I just left it for a while. Sadly that didn’t happen. I had to face hard reality when I finally got a measurement for the span of my back. I’m not nearly as wide as this blocked lace panel would turn out so I finally bit the bullet and ripped it all back.

Last night I was feeling optimistic about the cardigan. I had finally picked up some smaller needles to do the panel and I cast on. I was knitting happily along, almost done the first chart when I noticed that I had gotten sloppy. I’d inadvertently shifted one of the centre columns of YOs two stitches to the right. Crap! At that point I laid it down again. Unable to face the reality of having to rip this back again.

Take-aways from this experience.

1. Even if you do everything right sometimes the knitting gods have something else in mind. I will not use this swatch failure as an excuse to  bypass swatches….

2. Late night knitting might not be as productive as I thought.

Once I fix up this little mishap (luckily its only  a few rows back) I should be off and running again. I promised myself that I won’t think about the possibility that I didn’t go down enough in needle size (or gasp too far!) to make this panel block to about 13″. Promised! Don’t be surprised though if the next update documents that saga.

Wish me luck!


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