Pumpkin and a Little Spice

I’m working on another sock from Knit. Sock. Love.  and it finally strikes me why I really enjoy knitting patterns by Cookie A. The last two pairs of socks that I knit were not of her design. Those socks and I developed a bit of a love hate relationship and as I sit knitting this new pair in a festive pumpkin colour, it strikes me why.

Most socks that I knit have some sort of pattern running across them. I can’t bear the thought of knitting a plain sock these days. Herein lies the problem. Having a patterned fabric, typically, means repetition and I get bored to death doing the same thing over and over. (Rather ironic that I’m so drawn to knitting since it requires doing exactly that, but I digress). The last two socks I knit, while I’m quite pleased with the final product, were really a test of my will. Repeat after same repeat. It took me almost four months to finish one pair because I kept losing interest!

Enter Cookie A. Her patterns keep me hooked right from the beginning. (Well at least after I’ve finished the cuff. It’s pretty difficult to spice that up.) As I’m reading through the third chart for the left sock, (third of eight different charts used for this pair), it becomes crystal clear. Almost every line is different. Not so different that it’s difficult; once you get going its possible to read the rows below to anticipate what you should be doing. But different enough that I don’t want to toss them aside in search of something new. In fact I have a hard time putting them down because I “just want to do one more row” to see how the pattern comes alive in the yarn. That of course leads to several more inches of sock before I finally put them down.

That’s been my knitting eureka moment of the day. Not sure why it’s taken so long for me to figure it out, but at least now I know.

I’m looking for sock patterns with a little bit of spice.

Any suggestions?


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