Add a Little Bling

On my way home this afternoon I pulled into the plaza with my LYS (out of habit), but was reluctant to go in;  I was just there yesterday and I was fairly certain they didn’t restock overnight so I figured nothing was going to catch my eye. Not wanting to make my stop in vain I ventured a little further down the plaza where I stumbled across this fabulous little shop, Beadapalooza.

If you are into beading I’m sure this would be your little spot of heaven. I, though, am not really the beading type. However….I have seen many fabulous beaded stitch markers. Enter my train of thought: “a little wire, some flashy beads, how hard can this be? I’ve got wire cutters at home. I’ll be set.” Ten dollars later I’ve left the store with 10m of silver wire and 8 well-chosen Swarovski beads. (No, sadly $10 will not get you the real thing).

Essential Materials

All set up with what I assume are the necessary materials for making stitch markers. The beads, wire, cutters, pliers and the largest size needle that I plan to use them on. (Portable internet just incase I feel myself going very astray).

I’m fairly certain I’m the only person who’s ever left that store with only 8 beads.

Nice little set
Not bad for a first time I’d say!

Stitch Markers

Ta da!

They were pretty quick to make, and once you have some wire it’s relatively inexpensive. I see a few more trips to the bead store in my future.


3 thoughts on “Add a Little Bling

  1. Next time you are in there see if they have eyes. The kind that you use when making bears. They have a post and a locking washer. I need some really small ones. They are very hard to find.

  2. now that the pictures have uploaded to my screen, I can comment on the stitch markers. You are so clever! I have had the “stuff” for ages and haven’t even ventured to do them yet. But I have been thinking about them a lot lately. Maybe this is just the push I needed.

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