Add a Little Bling

On my way home this afternoon I pulled into the plaza with my LYS (out of habit), but was reluctant to go in;  I was just there yesterday and I was fairly certain they didn’t restock overnight so I figured nothing was going to catch my eye. Not wanting to make my stop in vain I ventured a little further down the plaza where I stumbled across this fabulous little shop, Beadapalooza.

If you are into beading I’m sure this would be your little spot of heaven. I, though, am not really the beading type. However….I have seen many fabulous beaded stitch markers. Enter my train of thought: “a little wire, some flashy beads, how hard can this be? I’ve got wire cutters at home. I’ll be set.” Ten dollars later I’ve left the store with 10m of silver wire and 8 well-chosen Swarovski beads. (No, sadly $10 will not get you the real thing).

Essential Materials

All set up with what I assume are the necessary materials for making stitch markers. The beads, wire, cutters, pliers and the largest size needle that I plan to use them on. (Portable internet just incase I feel myself going very astray).

I’m fairly certain I’m the only person who’s ever left that store with only 8 beads.

Nice little set
Not bad for a first time I’d say!

Stitch Markers

Ta da!

They were pretty quick to make, and once you have some wire it’s relatively inexpensive. I see a few more trips to the bead store in my future.


The Ultimate Trade

Now that my summer is over and the weather has cooled down (marginally), I finally have some time to sit down with my knitting and make some real progress. The first order of business, not to finish up all the other projects I have on the go, but to start a new one! This is reasonable right? Actually I have good reason to be starting something new this time. As I was knitting my Aidez Cardigan a friend of mine suggested a trade: “One beautiful knit sweater, for one beautiful lap quilt.” How could I resist!

After several talks back and forth we found a pattern that pleased both of us. It’s simple, yet cozy. The pattern is Nimbus, from Berroco. (Funny that it’s by the same designers and calls for the same yarn as the Aidez Cardigan.) I wasn’t able to get the recommended yarn Berroco Peruvia Quick, but I knew I didn’t want to use the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky this time either. Instead I chose Loops and Threads, Cozy Wool in Granite. It’s a wooly/nylon blend that is super cozy and will hopefully avoid pilling and stand up to wear.

The progress so far.

As of now the back piece is finished. I’ve added 6 inches of length to the body to take it from cropped to waist length.

Stay tuned for updates. This one should go pretty quick. (That is if I don’t get distracted by any other projects….)

Hemlock Blanket

Now that I’ve seen the photos of the Hemlock Blanket on a computer screen (as opposed to my phone), it’s clear that they don’t really do it justice. Here are a few more.


The centre of the blanket


Feather and Fan Motif

Hemlock Blanket


This last photo doesn’t really capture the true colour of the yarn. It’s more heathered than it appears here. The first two images capture its true colour much better.

These photos do the blanket much more justice!


Have you ever wondered what a collection of 136 T pins looks like? I now know. It’s a lot! I’ve finally finished up my Hemlock Blanket and I have to say I’m quite pleased.

First I gave it a good soaking. 20110822-024954.jpg

Then I started to block. I’ve learned that there’s a bit more to the process than just spreading out an object and pinning it down. Let’s just say the blanket is not quite a circle. Minor issues though.


Overall it was a great project and I can see why people often knit more than one. It’s a relatively fast knit, it’s engaging and I love the Eco+ wool.


I’ve had a brief break from work which has done wonders for my knitting habit. Not only have I finished binding off my Hemlock Blanket (pictures to follow once I get down and dirty in the blocking process), I’ve also picked up my Heart to Heart socks again.


Here’s hoping I make it to the heel today 🙂