Intrigue & the Future

As school approaches the end (the ‘final’ end, the ‘real’ end, the ‘I’m finished degree two and it’s time to do something else’ end), I’m suddenly aware of the free time I’ll have. Before I settle into a full-time job there’s going to be some time during the job hunt to try some new things. So in that spirit, here are a few knitterly type goals I have:

1. Use ‘recycled’ yarn. Which in my iteration means scouring second hand stores for knit sweaters that I can rip out and reuse the yarn from. The whole idea of reusing something in such a way is so intriguing to me. I love the idea of infusing such a great history into a finished object. It goes beyond just the knowledge that I made it out of nothing but string with the help of a few “sticks” if you will, but that I was at one point actually a completely different thing; something that I’ve revived and brought a whole new life to. (Okay, perhaps a bit to much for a knit blog intended to showcase progress not my existential musings on knitted garments?)

To really take this goal to the next level I’d have to design my own sweater. A feat I’m not quite up to, but the inspiration for this goal is a result of just that! Check out this fabulous Recycled Sweater. Made from recycled yarns and the pattern is adapted from…a HAT! If I had the patience to knit something this detailed I would definitely do it. Maybe a future goal?

2. Try my hand at dyeing. Now, I have no background knowledge of this. The closest I have come to informing myself about this process was stumbling across a blog post on dying yarn with Kool-Aid and flipping through Lambert and Kendall’s The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing: Fabric, Yarn and Fiber.

What intrigued me most about this book was the source of the dye. Most were from plants and bark. Again, I’m attracted to the notion of creating a history within the yarn. I’d love to be able to say, ‘Hell yes I made that colour!” Though I’m sure any early attempts are likely to produce something I might not be ready to brag about. But hey, it’s important to have goals.

Though it may seem like a measly list, I must keep in mind that knitting takes time. So much time that I haven’t come close to finishing the last projects I set out to do. Not to worry, they haven’t been forgotten. I’m still slowly plugging away at them. I even finished one  of the sleeves for my Aidez Cardigan!


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