Colour Confusion

It seems that I just can’t stick to one project. I currently have three  on the go, not counting the pair of socks that I have abandoned to the bottom of my knitting bag (Don’t worry Leyburn socks, you’ll be resurrected on day). The latest project is another pair of socks; Pinked by Judy Alexander.

I had a bit of an initial setback when starting out. What initially attracted me to the pattern was the striking combination of the pink and grey colour choice, so I picked up what I thought were the colours suggested in the pattern. (I know it’s okay to change it up and do what suits me, but I’m a bit of a sucker for following the “rules” at times). The yarn label for the MC (main colour) was missing, so I couldn’t verify it was in fact “Ash”. Not to be discouraged, I cast on and started knitting. Only to discover that the MC was identical to a colour in the variegation of the CC (contrast colour), causing the stripes to be lost. Not being able to deny the error any longer, I stopped knitting the socks and picked up the “right” MC.

Here’s the two versions. The top has the darker MC. The bottom is what I was expecting.
MC ??MC Ash

They yarn is mostly alpaca, so they’ll be super warm. The perfect cozy winter socks! I realize that I probably should be making some that I might be able to wear in the upcoming seasons, but I just couldn’t say no to this pattern!

ZigZag Socks


3 thoughts on “Colour Confusion

    • haha…I got them with the last order. What length did you get yours? I got the 4″ but not I think I would have preferred the 5″. The shorter ones just dig into me and are actually really pointy!

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