Featherweight Update

Today’s post is just a quick update on the progress of the Featherweight Cardigan. Despite the myriad of due dates and job applications, I’ve still been able to log a little time on it. Perhaps there are better ways to spend my time, but I’d rather not dedicate every waking moment to work. Enter knitting; The perfect outlet to unwind. (I swear these days are getting longer!)

Featherweight Cardigan
Just finished the increases and set up for the sleeves. All that’s left now is 9″ of straight stockinette. (I will not get bored, I will not get bored).

Featherweight Cardigan
A little taste of how the variegation is turning out. I really quite like it. Just a hint of green to break it the purple.

Still to come, updates on Aidez Cardigan. I’m making a concerted effort to finish it up. Just the sleeves left!


4 thoughts on “Featherweight Update

  1. love the colours; I am working on a lace shawl. I have finally got to the lace part and am doing pretty good. It actually looks like the picture!!

  2. I love yours!! The variegation is beautiful! Haha, I just managed to get out of those 9″ of plain stockinette 😛 Can’t wait to see how yours turns out! 🙂

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