Call me Crazy

I just couldn’t resist; I’ve cast on for Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan. Despite hearing from many sources about how long it’ll take, and the fact that it may, at times, seem like the endless sweater, I just couldn’t say no. Thus began the beginning of some of my cardigan woes. Fleece Artist Saldanha
That right there almost broke me, and before things had even begun!

I don’t have a ball winder or a swift, so I rely on the trusty, but time consuming method of handwinding a hank into a ball of yarn. Unfortunately, the hank was 800m! That’s a lot of winding.

But not to be discouraged I pushed on ahead and here’s where I’m at now. Featherweight Cardigan
Almost halfway through the increases : )

Still to come, a better shot of the yarn. The variegated colours are quite exquisite. Despite the pattern being only stockinette, I find myself being captivated by the colour changes in the yarn. Here’s hoping that doesn’t fade too much as I work my way through it!


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