Dwindling Stores & Fiddleheads

This past weekend I made a trip home to celebrate my gram’s 75th birthday. It was a great family affair, lots of laughs and smiles. Unfortunately I made the mistake of taking some knitting home to show off. Problem being I came home a bit lighter. My Slouchy Molly Hat was usurped by my “oh so fashionable sister”. I suppose it’s a compliment to me (and most importantly the design) that it was cool enough that she’d want to wear it. I’ve since been informed that she “wore it all day yesterday and today. Got lots of compliments too!”

Unfortunately, that has led me back on the pattern hunt. (To be fair I’m not too heart broken about that, I’m usually browsing anyway, this just gives me a reason to actually choose one.) During that task I got a little distracted, thankfully by a kit that I already have.

That’s right, I’ve cast on for Fiddlehead Mittens. This is my first go at colourwork in a an actual pattern.
So far it’s going quite well.

Now if only I could knit faster!


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