Aidez-Moi! I’m Smitten

Since I FINALLY finished up Baudelaire (okay to be fair I still have to find some dashing buttons, but cut me some slack). I needed to find another sweater to grace my needles. No problem, I had just the one in mind. In fact, it was love at first sight. Cirilia Rose’s Aidez , No surprise as I’ve mentioned it before. So far in my meagre knitting career I’ve only experienced the overwhelming urge to knit a sweater twice. It just so happens that both sweaters are designed by the same person…what are the chances?

Aidez how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

  1. You look so drapey and comfortable
  2. Everyone loves a good cable
  3. You knit up quickly because of your bulk
  4. And yet, you don’t appear to be bulky

I’ve made a little progress on the back already.


Aidez detail
Detail of the back Trellis pattern

I wish I was knitting it right now. The going is pretty quick thanks to the bulky weight yarn. I couldn’t shell out for the recommended Berroco Peruvian Quick. Instead I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky. It’s a no-nonsense Peruvian Highland wool. The colour, porcini, is not what I had expected. But I guess that’s what you get ordering online. To be fair, it was only the image that wasn’t true to colour. The actual description describes exactly (very uncanny how they managed to do it) the actual colour. I also should have read the description prior to selecting it. All in all I like the colour, it’s a warm neutral, a beige-like colour, akin to a mushroom cap if you will.

Now I just need to wind a few hanks so I can get back to it : )


One thought on “Aidez-Moi! I’m Smitten

  1. Beautiful! You’re most courageous. I look at that and just shake my head. I was having so much trouble with yon and yrn on the bottom of my latest project. But a lass, I have moved on the knit 7, purl 1 and repeat! lol, all the while listening to my ipod with my new softer ear buds.

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