Knitting To-Do List

I’ve been (sort of) productive over the last couple of days. Mostly with school related projects, but knitting as well. I’ve finished up the On-Hold Socks.

I didn’t quite make them as I should have. The foot is about a half-inch too long and next time I will definitely make the cuff a bit longer. I also haven’t perfected binding off loose enough. The second is looser than the first, but still a bit snug. Any suggestions for good BO techniques? All in all I’d say they were a success. Every project is a learning experience, and I learned a lot with these ones.

Now that those are out of the way I’ve set my sights on other projects. Here is the list, in particular order:

1. Find buttons for Baudelaire.

2. Redo ruffle and sew on.

3. Find mitten patterns with stranding to practice colour work (reason why TBA later…exciting!)

4. Find tutorials on stranded knitting.

5. Try and overcome the extreme awkwardness I feel when knitting more than one yarn.

6. Rip back latest project and follow the pattern as directed instead of trying to be fancy and resize it. Some things CAN just be left as is.

7. Show you #6

8. Rip back top-down socks to before toe decrease because my foot is NOT 5″ long.

9. Explain #8.

Not too bad. The list should keep me busy for a while…


One thought on “Knitting To-Do List

  1. way to go! nice sock stretchers!

    I made the hat with the braid and even wore it today. I love the way it feels–nice and tight and warm. Starting on a cowl to sort of match/coordinate.


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