On Hold No More!

As I mentioned previously, I have been knitting along on Wendy Johnson’s On Hold socks. They’re my first toe-up socks and I love them. That was until I got to the heel. Then things were not so peachy. After much frogging, calling mom for advice and frantically wracking my brain as to what might be the problem I realized my error. The pattern calls for wrap & turn on the heel. Something I thought I had figured out but clearly hadn’t. Much of the problem lay in how I was knitting the wraps and stitches together, but thanks to Laura’s great tutorial at CosmicPluto I got that all sorted out.

And, voila

A successful heel.


2 thoughts on “On Hold No More!

  1. Hey you got it!!!! congrats!

    They look wonderful. How are the two circs working out?
    You should join one of ravelry’s sock groups; there are tonnes of them!


    • I really like using two circs, I’m much more relaxed with them. I don’t feel like I have to knit really tight to avoid ladders. These specific ones though have been giving me a bit of trouble though. The wood needle sometimes slips out of the metal join causing me no end of grief when its in the middle of the row. Other than that I like them a lot.

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