Hipster at Heart? Highly unlikely!

My first slouchy hat is complete. It turned out pretty well, and if my head wasn’t abnormally small I’d say it was perfect. However, I do have a tiny noggin and it’s a bit large.

While making it there was a point where I stopped and thought “this would be a good spot to start the crown decreases.” I should have listened to my gut. Instead I rationalized that all the other adjustments I take the liberty of doing, I usually end up wishing I had just followed the pattern as is. So that’s what I did.

If I make it again I would do the rib with even smaller needles (about 2mm) and start the crown at 14 repeats ( or whichever one I was thinking, I really should have written that down). Other than that I’m pretty happy.


Knitting Takes a Hit

Well it’s finally happened. It took longer than I thought, but life finally caught up with me and I’m (almost) overwhelmed with projects. I started a placement in a professional services firm downtown, I have a possible contract job (in addition to the one I already have) and…oh right, that school thing I’ve got going on!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty excited about all the opportunities I have right now, it just means that something’s gotta give, and unfortunately I think that might be knitting. Only for the time being though. I’d still like to work through my “to-do” list, but perhaps just at a slower pace.

To keep you interested, here’s what I’m working on right now. The pattern is called  Molly by Erin Ruth . It’s also FREE! I picked up some Malabrigo Rios (my very first Malabrigo…..gasp, I know!) So far so good. 

There she is, 3/4 done I’d say. It’s a fairly quick knit, but the textured stitch pattern (not sure of the official name) is a little slow on the k1 p1 round (I haven’t quite mastered Continental knitting, so that’s not an option for me just yet). Thankfully it’s only every third row.

I’m headed off to Kingston this weekend so hopefully all that travel time will be enough to get this hat (and maybe even a sock?) all finished up.

I promise to try to get at least one post off per week, but we’ll see how it goes. It may be a bit more sporadic than that.

Happy Knitting!

Knitting To-Do List

I’ve been (sort of) productive over the last couple of days. Mostly with school related projects, but knitting as well. I’ve finished up the On-Hold Socks.

I didn’t quite make them as I should have. The foot is about a half-inch too long and next time I will definitely make the cuff a bit longer. I also haven’t perfected binding off loose enough. The second is looser than the first, but still a bit snug. Any suggestions for good BO techniques? All in all I’d say they were a success. Every project is a learning experience, and I learned a lot with these ones.

Now that those are out of the way I’ve set my sights on other projects. Here is the list, in particular order:

1. Find buttons for Baudelaire.

2. Redo ruffle and sew on.

3. Find mitten patterns with stranding to practice colour work (reason why TBA later…exciting!)

4. Find tutorials on stranded knitting.

5. Try and overcome the extreme awkwardness I feel when knitting more than one yarn.

6. Rip back latest project and follow the pattern as directed instead of trying to be fancy and resize it. Some things CAN just be left as is.

7. Show you #6

8. Rip back top-down socks to before toe decrease because my foot is NOT 5″ long.

9. Explain #8.

Not too bad. The list should keep me busy for a while…

Thwarted By A Ruffle

I did it. I’ve seamed up the Baudelaire sweater. It was tedious, a little frustrating, but well worth it.Baudelaire with sleeves

And there its is. Now I’d like to say that it’s a FO (finished object); that I could slip it on and head out the door. Unfortunately this is not the case. There’s a little problem in the…back.

Trying to be forward thinking, I made the sweater a little longer. Don’t worry, the back and front pieces are all the same size, it’s nothing that serious.

But the back has a cute little ruffle detail. Sadly I did not take my adjustments into account when I made the ruffle.

Back Ruffle

Therein lies the problem. The ruffle placket is too small for the opening. No big deal. I’ll just make a few more ruffles and sew them in.

For my first sweater ever, I think it’s not too bad, not too bad at all!


Welcome to My DarlingKnits’ new home!

In the spirit of refining what I hope this blog will be, I’ve updated its look, the name, and finally, the address.

The new address is mydarlingknits.wordpress.com.

Be sure to update andy bookmarks, RSS etc. If you do forget there is a link on the old site to send you here.

Woolly Balls, The Greener Choice

It’s not like I don’t have all kinds of things on my plate right now, I do. All non-knitterly things. Learning the language of databases, updating a citation tutorial, readings etc, etc. It’s just that I keep reading blogs, and looking at all the other wonderful things that people are making. And it makes ME want to make them. All of them. I good conscience I can’t drop everything and just knit. So I’ve got to weed.

The one that really stands out, (and seems somewhat do-able in a short period of time) I stumbled across on another blog. Not only is the project (somewhat) knitting related, but also environmentally friendly. It’s wool dryer balls. Yup, they’re pretty much what they sound like, a ball of wool that replaces the need for dryer sheets.

New Wool Dryer Balls

by Dazed81 on Flickr

With them you’re saving the planet and getting ride of that extra yarn. A win, win in my books! Goodmama has a pretty straightforward explanation on how to make them, but there are many other variations out there.

Now if only I didn’t have to use coin laundry.

Baudelaire Deserves to Be Finished

Following the advice of a classmate and fellow knitter, I decided to man up and finally finish the project I started way back in October. The Baudelaire sweater. Of course I got this inspiration at ten pm on a week night. Typical. Needless to say I didn’t finish it all, but I did get the collar made and the front and neck ruffles added.

Ruffles added

A note on the ruffles. Bearing in mind that I tackled this far too late after a long day, my attention to detail was less than stellar at this point. After sewing both ruffles on I realized that I had sewed the collar ruffle on backwards, WS out in RS facing in. Crap.

The wrong side of the ruffle pattern

What should be facing out, not in

Making sure I at least got one right I checked the front ruffle. Nope. Got that one wrong too. At least I’m consistent. At that point I couldn’t be bothered to fix it, and to be quite honest I just might leave it.

I never fail to come away with a lesson whenever I knit. Todays, pay attention to the details!