The Perfectly “Usable” Yarn

So I may have misspoke when I said that the Panguipulli was unusable. I wasn’t content to just let it sit unused in my knitting trunk, cast aside and ignored. So after trying many different patterns I thought, let’s go for something simple.

It doesn’t get much more simple than garter stitch. I figured at least this would let the vibrancy of the wool come through. The colours themselves would be the detail. I knit up the whole skein and then sewed the ends together to make a cowl/scarf item.

It’s not the most exciting piece, but it’s functional, warm and I no longer feel bad about leaving the yarn. Okay there’s still one skein in there, but that’s beside the point.

The Unusable yarn in all its glory

Turns out it's just as functional as all my other yarn

Up close and personal


Christmas Time Wrap Up

It has been a busy and wonderful holiday this year. Despite being pretty under the weather with a nasty head cold coupled with allergies, I still had a great time visiting with friends and family. There was lots of travelling. The early part of Christmas was spent in Kingston, the unfinished cottage of Thanksgiving dinner was no more. It’s almost a finished home, a beautiful one at that. We had Christmas dinner chez my family, complete with Christmas crackers and paper crowns. Finally we headed off to the city for more Christmas at my grandmothers. An experience that is always sure to quench your thirst for all things Christmas. Despite the over-the-top approach, it’s always nice to see the family.

After all that my already weakened immune system needed a break from allergen laden animals, so I’m back in my apartment, surrounded by wonderful gifts, mountains of books, and YARN!! Currently have a pair of socks on the go.

Beginnings of the sock



Once upon a time in Mexico,

I “just” got back from a week long vacation in the Maya Rivera at the El Dorado Royale Spa and resort. It was my first time ever going on an all inclusive trip and to somewhere nice and hot. Let me just say I had a hard time packing up my things that morning as the bright sunshine was streaming into our room. To make matters worse I came home to the first day of snow in Toronto (though I am thankful that I’m no longer in London where they got 97 cm that day).

I don’t have the pictures yet, they’re on my boyfriend’s camera, but sometime next week I’ll be posting some beautiful pics of our room, our tip to Coba, one of the oldest Mayan temple complexes, the wedding we were there to attend and various other shenanigans that we got up to on the beach.