The Perfect Unusable Yarn

During my brief stay in Victoria I had to find a LYS and have a quick peek at what’s hot on the other side of the country. While I was inside I (of course) found some yarn that I fell in love with, Panguipulli by Araucania. I bought two skeins and figured I would have a wealth of ideas about what to do with it.

Doesn't it look just wonderful

Enter the problem. I want to make something small, preferrably only one skein. So I looked at all kinds of scarf and cowl patterns and even found a few that I love! I’ve cast on three different projects with this yarn and every one I have ended up ripping back.

The aftermath of another failed attempt

Try as I might I just can’t find something to fit this yarn.

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Unusable Yarn

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