Infinity Scarf

I got to do my first bit of airplane knitting last week. My propensity for reading during travel is not that high. I last about 5 min feel the urge to be doing something. This was a perfect opportunity to take some small knitting with me on the flight from Toronto to Victoria, layovers included. Of course, I didn’t think of this brilliant idea until 45 min before I was to leave. I had a stash of yarn from my sister, an abandoned scarf, so I grabbed that. Next, to find a simple yet engaging pattern to keep me occupied for the 12 hours I would eventually be spending in the air. Solution (after much searching, casting on and experimenting with needle sizes etc.) the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf. I didn’t use the right kind of yarn which I think is the reason mine turned out much ‘lacier’ than I expected. Even with smaller needles it was pretty open, just tighter. But I still think it turned out alright.



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