Knitting Techniques

Over the course of knitting the pogies I’ve been refreshed on a few techniques and even had to learn a few. Last friday I took the train to Kingston and decided pogies could be my train project. I gathered the yarn, a few patterns to choose from and the only sets of dpns that I had (yes I made it work!) and headed off to the train station. I cast on waiting in the line and realized that it had been a while since I did any knitting in the round. “How do you join the first row?” Unfortunately no one else in the line knew. So I racked my brain and after the first unsuccessful attempt tried what would logically make sense and I thought I could vaguely remember. I crossed the first and last cast on stitch and away I went. Worked well enough for me.

The rest of the pogie was pretty straight forward, until it got time to sew up the top with the Kitchener stitch, not something I could rack my brain for as I’d never done it.
Here’s the problem with knitting and traveling (for me at least). The library of books and other goodies doesn’t come with you. Had I been at home I could have easily looked in any of the numerous books or magazines I have to figure it out. Unfortunately was without my gear. But, in the age of technology, you’re really only every a wireless connection away from the answer. Which is how I looked up the kitchener stitch and then proceeded to misinterpret it and bungle the whole thing. I just left it an carried on. When I returned home I ripped it out, re-read the instructions in a book and figured out my error. and viola! all fixed.

I like that knitting keeps my on my toes. Always learning and re-learning


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