Oh the Things You’ll See

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few things that really just left me smiling, (or bewildered).


The Commute

On my commute home from the rowing club I have a particularly long hill to surmount. It dips down into a valley and then back up again. It adds an element of challenge and exhilaration to my ride. For the last few mornings now, as I’ve been huffing and puffing up the hill I’ve seen an older woman (at least 60) barreling down this hill on a scooter! Not a motorized, almost a bike scooter, but a self-powered scooter that I imagine school children touring around on in their driveways. She’s fully loaded up with a purse over one shoulder and a bag over the other, gripping tightly as she applies pressure to the back brake. No helmet, just enjoying the wind in her hair as she whizzes down the hill.

It brings a smile to my face that she’s embraced such a novel method of commuting, but also sends me into a bit of a panic at the thought of her hitting a twig or rock on the sidewalk. I have yet to pass her at the bottom of the hill, so who knows, maybe she eventually gets off and walks.





As I was biking home today I heard (the now unmistakable) sound of a flat tire riding on its rim. I also smelled the burnt rubber. I’m my now paranoid state of tire failure I quickly glanced down to check my own. As I suspected, all was well, for me. I did notice the rear wheel of the car next to me was completely deflated, and the driver continued to drive along. I imagine it had been a while, because the rim had started to shred the entire tire. I sympathized with him. That’s not a great way to start the day.


Pocket Full of Love

On the weekend I was away at a rowing regatta. The weather was beautiful, lots of old friends, it was a great way to spend the saturday outside. While walking around watching the races I saw this:

Kitten in a Sweater

Turns out that he was a friend of a friend. I thought I was pointing out an adorable little kitten in a guy’s sweater, and she was happy to see a friend from the past. What are the chances!? So she proceeded to do some catching up and provide the kitten with a play-thing.

Playing with the cherry mittens

Chewing Away


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