It’s been a few days now, so the rage and frustration has subsided, which will hopefully make this a bit more constructive than it might have been otherwise.

My days begin at 4:30. I get up, take a quick glance at the weather (both via the window and online), dress accordingly, grab a very quick bite to eat and then head downstairs to grab my bike. This bike is my baby. It’s pretty close to brand new, but I ride it almost daily, so it’s got at least 500km on it. It’s wonderful. It makes my morning commute enjoyable and quick! I get a bit excited as I get it from my storage locker.

Back to my day. My commute takes me about 25 min (20 on a good day). The first half of my ride is through a valley, lots of hills, no stoplights and chillier temperatures. As I get closer to the city I can feel a change in the temperature. The ride becomes less fluid. There’s lots of stopping, dodging and turning. The other morning I was about halfway through my ride and in the bike lane ahead of me I noticed some serious broken glass (you can see where this is going). Not wanting anything to happen to my baby, I “dodged” it as best I could without cutting across two lanes of traffic. Great. Mission accomplished. Or so I thought. Now I’d never had a flat, but no longer will I worry that I might continue riding unaware of tragedy that has befallen your tire. You know. It just doesn’t feel right; rather squishy. I got this feeling about a min after the glass sighting.

Now for a little bit of context. I bike to get to rowing practice. I need next to nothing at practice . So…in order to save time finding things in the morning, and to keep my travels light, I bring almost nothing. A bag with flip flops, extra sweater and a lock is about all I have. No cash, no wallet, no subway pass. I did however start bringing my phone. Thankfully.

Fast forward to me stranded just under half way to the club, destroyed tire, and no way to get home or to practice in a reasonable time. Thankfully there are lots of others who bike in the mornings as well. Luckily I had brought my phone. Katie came to my rescue with cab fare and we made it to practice, all the while hoping there would be someone on the way home that could give me a lift to the subway.

After practice one of the men was kind enough to give me (and my poor bike) a lift all the way home. Where I limped it all the way to the bike shop. The fine gentlemen in the store wrangled the 1/4″ of green bottle glass out of the tire, replaced the whole back wheel and within 15 min I was back on the road. Good as new.

Moral of the story. I now travel with wallet, phone, subway pass, patch kit and a fully charged phone. Not to mention heightened vigilance on the road.

There's a big chunk of glass in there


Brand New Tire, Hole Free


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