Garter Band on Left Front

What would the equivalent term to writer’s block be for knitting do you think? (Perhaps there is such a term and I just am unaware?). The right front of this sweater is not going as smoothly as the first. First off I couldn’t get the gauge right. It was considerably tighter than recommended (and the other front), so I had to keep swatching until FINALLY I made gauge, which is not something I’m overly keen on having to do mid project. Though I realize it’s a necessary evil and will pay off in the long run.

So now that I’m up and running I’m still not really in a good ‘flow’. The problem is purely my fault as I just don’t seem to be paying attention as closely as I should. The number of times I’ve had to rip it back because I’ve knit well over the necessary rows before the next inc/dec is quite high. In fact I’ve done it again and haven’t picked it up since (okay, it’s only been a few hours, but still).

It’s time for me to focus and get the job done! I really really can’t wait until I can start sewing it up.


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