Misplaced Attention

Jim Gorant: ‘The Lost Dogs’: Michael Vick’s Dogs And Their Tales Of Rescue And Redemption (PHOTOS).

This story is such a mix of tragedy and success. First off, I think it’s wonderful that many of these dogs were rescued and were rehabilitated. It’s a great example of the reality of dog’s behaviour and that what is considered a ‘vicious’ breed is often the result of dogs are raised. I don’t believe that certain breeds of dogs should be banned, as all dogs have the potential to become vicious.

Probably the most upsetting aspect of the article for me though, is the fact that Michael Vick (I am in no way a sports fan and had no idea who he was upon first reading) basically has gotten away with this crime. Were he not a professional athlete, how would the repercussions differ? Why is he allowed to, in essence, walk away with a slap on the wrist and go on to be paid to play football. There seems to be a severe disconnect between the crime and the punishment. Yes I think it is wonderful that some (conceivably not all) of the dogs have been placed in better homes, but for me the focus of this story should be the lack of repercussions faced by Vick for the atrocious and illegal behaviour.


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