Greetings Interweb

Since I don’t have any photos of my current project, (which I won’t do justice to right now should I try to explain, so I’ll save it for another post), to get the ball rolling I’ll recap a recent project that I finished.

They’re  French Press Knits Felted Slippers which I love! I couldn’t believe how easy and fast these cute little slippers were. They were my first attempt at felting, which was fairly straightforward. Lots of hot water, add agitation and a little bit of time and you’re all set. My biggest problem was that I, unfortunately, have to use pay machines, which don’t allow any control over the length of the agitation cycle. Once it’s done, you pretty much have to wait until the spin and rinse are over before you can restart. So, being the resourceful student that I am, I hoped that the process would be complete in the first cycle. In retrospect I could have used a few more minutes to have a more even felt, but given my excitement to finish them I pulled them out once the first round was done. Only on close inspection can you tell that they needed a bit more time.

I immediately started knitting up another pair. This time in a heather purple. They’re all sewn up I just have to get around to felting them.

French Press Knits Felted Slippers

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