Chelsea Shop

Chelsea Shop

Just around the corner from my building on campus there is the cutest little shop. A good friend of mine and I have over the course of the last year taken to this quaint little place, as we pass by it on the way back from our weekly lunch dates.

The shop is fairly small, just a single floor with a great front window and the rest of the building appears to be housing of some sort. It was in a state of disrepair for the better part of last year. We’d walk by, peer into the windows and wonder who owned such a great place and what reason could they possibly have for not using it. We created a grand vision of what this place would be, should it’s ownership ever fall upon us.

Now seeing as we’re both in a Master’s of Information program, (don’t tell her that yes her degree has some connection to libraries and books because she’s a bit of a rebel), we first concluded, without question, that there would be some sort literature component. Be it antique books, rare books, popular books, or whatever we felt was worthy to be in our little store. There would be window seats in the front, not for displays of books, but to sit in and use. There would be a wonderful assortment of muffins, baked by my wonderful friend. There’d be coffee and tea, which pretty much goes without saying if you know the two of us.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Anyways, daydreaming aside. I walked past the shop again today to see that after my summer out of the city, the place has been tidied up. All the window trim repainted, signage redone and it appears as though it’s available to lease. Now our dreams may become reality, depending on what lucky soul takes the place. I can only hope their assortment of muffins will be as good as we’ve imagined.


Quick Sweater Update

This is just a quick update on the Baudelaire sweater progress. I just finished the right front and I’m happy to say that it’s as identical to the left as I could possibly get it. I’m very pleased. As I was binding off the last stitches at the neck I was dreading laying them against to each other to see how they measured up.

This is how I imagined it: armholes of differing lengths starting at noticeably different positions along the side; a neck that started at a flattering collarbone length and one that starts at uncomfortable chin height.

But, to my surprise, it all lines up. It seems to me that if you have marginally good measuring skills and a little trust in the pattern and your ability to follow it everything will work out as it should. (I’m sure I’ll end up eating these words at a future date, on a different project, but for now I’ll continue to naively believe.)


Garter Band on Left Front

What would the equivalent term to writer’s block be for knitting do you think? (Perhaps there is such a term and I just am unaware?). The right front of this sweater is not going as smoothly as the first. First off I couldn’t get the gauge right. It was considerably tighter than recommended (and the other front), so I had to keep swatching until FINALLY I made gauge, which is not something I’m overly keen on having to do mid project. Though I realize it’s a necessary evil and will pay off in the long run.

So now that I’m up and running I’m still not really in a good ‘flow’. The problem is purely my fault as I just don’t seem to be paying attention as closely as I should. The number of times I’ve had to rip it back because I’ve knit well over the necessary rows before the next inc/dec is quite high. In fact I’ve done it again and haven’t picked it up since (okay, it’s only been a few hours, but still).

It’s time for me to focus and get the job done! I really really can’t wait until I can start sewing it up.

Misplaced Attention

Jim Gorant: ‘The Lost Dogs’: Michael Vick’s Dogs And Their Tales Of Rescue And Redemption (PHOTOS).

This story is such a mix of tragedy and success. First off, I think it’s wonderful that many of these dogs were rescued and were rehabilitated. It’s a great example of the reality of dog’s behaviour and that what is considered a ‘vicious’ breed is often the result of dogs are raised. I don’t believe that certain breeds of dogs should be banned, as all dogs have the potential to become vicious.

Probably the most upsetting aspect of the article for me though, is the fact that Michael Vick (I am in no way a sports fan and had no idea who he was upon first reading) basically has gotten away with this crime. Were he not a professional athlete, how would the repercussions differ? Why is he allowed to, in essence, walk away with a slap on the wrist and go on to be paid to play football. There seems to be a severe disconnect between the crime and the punishment. Yes I think it is wonderful that some (conceivably not all) of the dogs have been placed in better homes, but for me the focus of this story should be the lack of repercussions faced by Vick for the atrocious and illegal behaviour.

The (Almost) Perfect Sunday

Early Morning Practice

It’s nice to wake up and have the feeling that today will be a productive day. Thanks to rowing I’m more likely to have more of those days since I’m forced to get up at, lets just say, an early hour. Thankfully today was sunday, which meant a bit of a sleep in before practice which started at 7. Now to get there I have about a half hour bike ride to make sure I’m fully awake before I get out on the water.

So I’m up, got in a decent workout and now I’ve come home to a pot full of simmering chili and the rest of the day to do as I please. No laundry, no cleaning. I made sure to accomplish these wonderful tasks yesterday. All that’s on the horizon is a hot shower and then nothing but knitting for a while. No need to worry about dinner either. The only thing that could make this day better would be a visit from the wonderful man in my life. But since he’s a full two hours away, it’s going to have to be an almost, perfect sunday.

Finished the Left Front

I just finished the left front piece of the sweater. I was a little nervous that it would in no way match up with the back, but to my pleasant surprise it’s looking great so far.

This is my first time knitting anything larger than a hat and it has some serious shaping in it, requiring measuring (something new to me in knitting also). It’s a different style of knitting for me, as I’m used to counting rows and following a pretty rigid pattern. If find this way is much easier to put down and come back to, so long as I have a measuring tape around. I can’t wait to get started on the other front piece.

Baudelaire Sweater

This is the sweater that I’m working on and just adore. It’s a Berroco Pattern from their Berroco Blackstone Tweed Booklet. I’m making the Baudelaire sweater.

The yarn has a mix of angora and mohair in the wool and I love it. I’ve read complaints about it breaking and it being difficult to work with if you are a tight knitter (which I am, never once have I had the luxury of not going way up in needle sizes), but I haven’t had any trouble.

I’m using the suggested colour, Nor’Easter. I decided I needed to broaden the colour palate of my wardrobe , otherwise I would have chosen yet another purplish yarn.

This is just an intro to the sweater, prepare yourself for an onslaught of posts to come. I’d like to be able to have a new little project every few days, but seeing as I have very little time for knitting as it is, this one will be around for a while. Which I’m totally okay with!